Advantages of using Solar Energy

As our knowledge of the world around us progresses thanks to science and technology everyday; solar energy benefits are becoming better understood.

There are a range of solar benefits that impact upon not only the environment, but also on ourselves.

Solar panels on a house

Solar panel Benefits

Renewable Energy

The most important of all of the solar energy benefits out there has to be that it is a renewable energy source. All this means is that the supply is infinite, and we can never run out of it!

By investing in this energy source, as opposed to other finite energy sources out there, you are guaranteeing that your home or business will run on power that is here to stay.

Demand for solar panels and solar energy will only continue to grow in the coming years too, as traditional energy resources start to dwindle. The benefits of renewable energy really cannot be overstated.

Technological Advances In Recent Years

When solar panels were first introduced there was a lot of criticism about how rainy or cloudy days might make the solar panels less effective and therefore impact upon the power supply to your home.

Thankfully, new technology has meant that solar panels are more efficient than ever at harvesting energy from the sun, and keeping reserve stores for days when the sun isn’t beaming down.

Technology only continues to develop too, as more and more people recognize solar energy benefits. This means that the solar panels effectiveness will only continue to improve as technological advances continue to be made in the future.

Reduced Cost To You

There’s no hiding away from the fact that initial cost to installing solar panels can be moderately expensive but, in the long term solar panels are one of the most cost effective energy solutions available to you.

As your home is now harvesting energy from the sun to operate, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your electricity bills.

Over time this will continue to decrease so that your initial investment in solar panels is made back, and possibly then some!

Not Just About Electricity

When most people think of solar panels they automatically think of electricity, but solar energy is capable of heating our homes and businesses too.

This is excellent because typical costs associated with heating your home will also be reduced, and that’s something that many people don’t know about.

There’s also some exciting developments being made elsewhere where solar energy is being used to clean water in areas without it, power satellites, and reach areas where electricity was previously incapable of being.

Solar energy benefits are endless, and there’s always a new way of using it in development. This just means that in future solar energy will benefit even more people in even more creative and innovative ways.

Low Maintenance

Once you’ve installed your new solar panels you might be concerned that there’s a lot of maintenance involved, but you’ll be pleased to hear that there generally isn’t.

You obviously need to keep your solar panels clear of any dirt or grime that might accumulate on the surface to keep them working correctly, but this only needs to be done a couple of times per year.

If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning them yourselves, there are plenty of businesses that will clean them for you for a price that isn’t too unreasonable.

Other than cleaning, there’s no other maintenance involved in keeping solar panels in working order.

Virtually No Repairs Required

This links in to the above point about low maintenance costs moving forwards, but it’s important to look at on its own too. As solar panels generally have no movable parts, they aren’t subject to natural wear and tear over time, so your panels won’t need replacement parts moving forwards.

They are specifically designed to be robust and withstand harsh weather conditions where necessary, so the likelihood of your new solar panels becoming damaged is pretty slim.

Occasionally the inverter (the part that’s constantly converting solar energy for use) may need to be replaced to keep your solar panels working efficiently, but this cost is not something that occurs regularly.

Reduces Pollution

One of the unique solar energy benefits that other energy sources do not supply, is the reduction of pollution.

Solar energy benefits the environment by harvesting energy from something that is naturally occurring: the sun. Solar energy doesn’t need to burnt like coal, which causes pollution, it simply uses the sun’s natural energy.

This reduces your personal carbon footprint, which is morally great for you, but also the worlds carbon footprint. By introducing solar panels into your home, you might just be the start of a chain reaction that will lead to even more solar energy being used in homes!

Slows Climate Change

Solar energy helps to slow down climate change, but only if its usage is widespread. This means that more and more people need to install solar panels in their home in order for climate change to slow.

As we all already know, climate change is one of the single biggest threats to life on our planet today, so any way that we can help slow it down is excellent.

Only Use What You Need

Solar energy is some of the most effective energy that the world has to offer, because it can be stored when not in use. This means that only when something actually requires solar energy will it be used; the rest simply gets stored for later.

This is important because solar energy cannot be harvested during the night, so when night falls, your power supply will rely upon the excess solar energy that was stored throughout the day.

You May No Longer Be Reliant On The Power Grid

Depending on how far you want to take it, you may not need to rely on the power grid for any of your power needs. Whilst this can seem daunting at first, it’s actually great for when events like blackouts take place.

Your energy won’t rely on the grid, so when it fails it won’t effect you. Coincidentally, the more people that use solar panels, the less demand there is on the power grid and it’s therefore less likely to experience a blackout anyway. Installing solar panels benefits not only you, but everybody.

No Noise Pollution

Other power sources make noise as they generate electricity etc. but one of the main solar energy benefits is that this isn’t the case.

Your solar panels are silent, so they won’t disturb you or anybody in the surrounding area as you power your home or business. It might only be a little thing, but if you have grouchy neighbors this could be a real blessing.

Initial Cost Of Installation Has Fallen In Recent Years

The initial cost of going solar might still be considered high, but compared to ten years ago affordability has improved remarkably!

This is important because it means that more people than ever are capable of affording solar panels for their homes and businesses, and the positive solar benefits can continue to spread even further.

Tax Credit

This point has been deliberately saved until last, because it’s one of the most important reasons why solar panels are not only important, but important right now!

There are a number of federal, state, and local tax breaks available for homes and businesses that have gone solar. In 2021 the tax break will be equal to 22% of the total cost of installing solar panels in your home.

This federal solar tax credit reduces your federal income tax by that amount, but this tax break only applies to residences and it is set to end by 2022.

You’ll need to do some more digging around online to find out what tax breaks are available for you in your local area, and make sure they apply to you specifically, but it’s definitely worth looking in to.

If you’ve been thinking about solar panels for a while, now might just be the best time to have them installed to save you money!

Final Thoughts

Solar energy benefits not only you, but the entire world. Initial costs are cheaper than ever, and there are a number of long term financial benefits that mean your initial investment will be more than worth it.

If you’ve been thinking about turning to solar energy as a renewable energy source for your home or business, then hopefully the above list has reassured you that some of the earlier criticisms of solar energy have been proven wrong.

Solar energy is a renewable and reliable energy source that is more than capable of supplying you with your power needs. If there’s one take home message from this blog post, it’s that solar benefits far outweigh any negatives associated with it, and solar energy is the best energy option available to us today.

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