How To Bend PVC Pipe?

How To Bend PVC Pipe

One of the best things about PVC piping is its rigidity — this is why we love it! But as great as this stoic property is, it can’t half be a nuisance at times. Once every so often, flexibility is a virtue, but does that mean that PVC piping simply can’t help us in these … Read more

What Is Uplighting?

What Is Uplighting?

Lighting can be one of the harder elements of interior design to nail, there are no materials, no color matching, just the use of a keen eye. The concept of ‘uplighting’ is something which requires a little imagination when reading, but when physically watching the lighting at play its effects become clear to all. Uplighting … Read more

How To Remove Drywall Anchors?

How To Remove Drywall Anchors

Any new DIY project can seem daunting, especially if you’re a beginner. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly where to start, or where to find all the information to begin to renovate or redecorate your home independently. When it comes to hanging up pictures on the wall, inserting drywall anchors may seem like … Read more