Concrete Leveling | Everything you need to know

concrete leveling

Look in your front yard or check outwards of the back door. Are you observing any crooked sidewalk with a cracked driveway or uneven concrete? Any sloping patio around your area? Thus, in all these cases, you can resolve it with concrete leveling. There is no requirement to replace it. In this article, we will … Read more

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Asphalt vs Concrete: What Is the Best Option for Your Driveway?

concrete driveway, asphalt driveway

Upgrading your driveway could revamp the whole appearance of your house and improve the curb appeal. But the challenge most people have when undertaking this project is deciding the products to use. The two common products that are used in the driveway are asphalt and concrete. Though both these products are great choices, they each … Read more

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How much concrete does a concrete truck hold?

concrete truck

In the USA concrete is shipped using cubic yards. A standard sized concrete truck will hold around 9-Yards of concrete. This is sufficient to provide concrete for a slab of concrete that is 8 ft. x 10 ft. and 4-inches thick. This figure can vary by yard either way. There are some trucks that will … Read more

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Can Concrete Be Recycled?

recycled concrete

Concrete can be reused and recycled in various ways. The procedure usually includes pulverizing and crushing the concrete rubble to neat the building site or demolition. Recycling concrete can be the perfect way to reduce the cost of construction when offering some advantages to the environment. Unwanted, old concrete can also work and process in … Read more

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How Thick Concrete Driveway Should Be ?

driveway thickness

You may be wondering, what is the right concrete driveway thickness?’ when laying out a new driveway. It’s a factor that’s more important than you’d think. The correct thickness of concrete is 4 inches or greater. Any less and you’ll likely encounter a host of problems down the line, including lower structural integrity, wasted cost … Read more

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Can Concrete Catch Fire? | Explained

concrete catch on fire

Concrete is a non-flammable material that cannot catch fire by itself. Yes, the surface of it can burn. For instance, it will catch fire when you cover it with flammable material such as plastic, fuel, or varnish. Concrete alone is not at all explosive. However, it does not mean that it is entirely resistant to … Read more

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