Duct sizing | Everything you need to know

duct sizing

Your home’s HVAC system comprises various components that work together to ensure that your home’s indoor air quality is safe and healthy. To make ductwork genuinely efficient in your home, you’ll need to select and install the proper size. This article will describe how to make the best choice possible in terms of duct size … Read more

How Long Does Concrete Take To Cure?

how long does it take concrete to cure

Concrete usually takes around 24 to 48 hours to dry for you to walk or drive. But does concrete cure within this time interval? Dry concrete curing is a continuous task that usually gets stronger with time. It reaches its full strength after 28 days, but it will be ready to use quickly. Timeframes of … Read more

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Bathroom Remodel Cost for every size and type

bathroom remodel cost

If you plan to go for the bathroom renewal, you must be aware of the overall cost. You might be having ideas, designs, and a budget for it. We all know Bathrooms are of different sizes, such as powder rooms, master bathrooms, small baths, etc. Thus, the remodeling cost depends upon other factors, size and … Read more

Powder Room | What you need to know

Powder room

When looking at all the rooms in the house, you might think of designing some unique rooms and make use of space conveniently. The powder room is one of those. This room is famous as a guest bath or half bath, with about half of the components present in a bathroom. The bathroom must typically … Read more

Bathroom Grab Bars With Their Trending Styles

toilet grab bars

As we age, a bathroom is one place that becomes risky to use sometimes. Gripping ability reduces with age bringing risks of falling or slipping. So, Slippery surfaces in the bathroom may create a dangerous situation. Dropping over wet surfaces can cause severe injury to bones. It is where bathroom grab bars come into the … Read more

Black mold In the Bathroom walls | How to clean it ?

black mold in bathroom

Discoloration in bathroom tiles, walls, or ceilings is not uncommon. But sometimes, they are pretty dangerous. When you find out that mold is developing, you can wipe it with an effective solution. Moisture and mold issues can occur on the ceiling or walls due to several reasons. Ceiling issues are divided into two categories -moisture … Read more

Rooftop Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning | Warning Signs

Roof top dryer vent

Imagine waking up seeing that your house gets on fire. And you figure out later that you could have prevented the fire with a few precautions. For instance, lint and other debris get collected in your vent duct and dryer hose. It may decrease the airflow, cause fire, and back up exhaust gases. You may … Read more

Hip Roof Versus Gable Roof

hip roof vs gable

If you are building your home from the base or renovating an old house, you need to consider a few factors. Here, we will discuss two popular roof styles because the roof plays a crucial role in your home. There are two famous styles of a roof in trend nowadays – hip roof and Gable … Read more

Wire Code Identification Color – USA

Wire color code usa

NEC Wires’ Color Identifications Neutral wire – White or grey color The ground wire – green or green with yellow strips Hot or live wire – black color Second live or active wire – Red color Any colors rather than those mentioned above can be helpful for other power lines. Thus, according to the local … Read more