10 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for homeowners

If you are looking for a new look for your bathroom or some plumbing issue has turned up, then Bathroom renovation or remodeling is what homeowners want.

Bathroom space is smaller and a comparatively easier task than a kitchen. They are efficient, cost-effective, and smooth.

A bathroom remodeling can give you a new space to enjoy, and economically once replacing old fixtures with more efficient ones, it enhances the home’s resale value. You can anticipate a return investment of about 80 percent more.

Residential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Extra room

If your bathroom is very tight, then make some room by making built-ins and concealed shelving. These built-ins can accommodate medicines, soap dishes, and toilet roll holders too.

Tiny bathrooms need open space. Flatten your ceiling light. All this can be done by recessing the shelves and lights.


This can be done by arranging a window of an appropriate size or by upgrading existing old exhaust fan. Check for their capacity, i.e., cubic feet air/min (CFM) the higher is better but at least 50 CFM and also check the noise levels, for quiet bathroom ventilation the fan should be rated at 1.0 sones or less.

Pick the right tiles/flooring

Waterproof wood floors are great but do not make the best flooring for a bathroom. It is not practical. So, pick the flooring that is tough to sustain the rigors of everyday use.

The bathroom’s best-used flooring materials are porcelain, ceramic, vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl, and sheet vinyl plank.

Blend in some indoor plants in the space

The incorporation of plants into bathrooms adds sterility and air freshener. They will also color and can be conveniently placed on a floating shelf.

Coordinate room color with its size

For a bathroom to look spacious, ensure the room color to be in a light or white color spectrum. Light or white colored bathtub and toilet fixtures are suggested. Dark colors make the bathroom look smaller. Color the ceiling in off white or white for a spacious feel.


Proper lighting in the bathroom is equally a must. A ceiling fixture could be a single area lighting and dim. Add in some sconces around the mirror. Avoid blinding light. A dimmer switch is an excellent addition, particularly for relaxing late-night baths.


The easiest method to get some surface area is with a countertop. Hooks are best for towels, clothes, and bathrobes. These hooks can be added to backdoor or cabinet sites or wall sections.

Lower wall section

Beadboard shields the lower sections of bathroom walls from splashes. An oil-based coat of paint makes sure the beadboard is intact and not stagnated with moisture. You can substitute a beadboard with tiles or tile wainscot.

More mirrors

Mirrors in the bathroom are not just an accessory but a design element too. It gives you added space visually. It also brightens the bathroom in its lighting.

Freestanding items

A freestanding cupboard or a decorative chair can add to bathroom design. Recess other bathroom elements such as cloth hampers, towel hangers, etc. It gives a practical space with soaps, towels, etc.


A bathroom remodeling is a tedious job, but it can give you a functional, practical, and new refreshing bathroom when done right.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, the remodeling will help you in a spacious, ventilated, well-lit, and functional bathroom.

Performance-oriented yet straightforward tips will make your bathroom remodeling worth the time, effort, and money.

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  1. My dad would like to have his bathroom remodeled by replacing its sink and toilet with new ones, which is why he’s currently looking for a plumbing service. Well, you are also right that he must upgrade his old exhaust fan as well. We share the same opinion as well that he must opt for flooring that is tough enough to sustain everyday use.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion of using dimmer switches to be able to enjoy late-night baths. This could really help us now that we’re taking more baths as ways to relax from all the stress we experience while working from home. If I can find a bathroom remodeling contractor in the area, I’ll make sure I put lighting as one of the major focuses of our project when I hire them.

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