Can my water heater freezes? | how to protect it?

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It imposes a particular challenge to imagine cold weather without hot water, but thanks to technological improvements, water heaters can now provide solutions to problems like these. Water heaters can still freeze in extreme cold conditions, whether with storage tanks or tankless. To avoid shivering in your showers, we’ll be providing a list of what … Read more

How much power does a tankless water heater use compared to a conventional

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The fact that efficient goods have such high kW requirements may appear illogical. On the other hand, electric tankless heaters achieve their efficiency by rapidly transferring a significant amount of energy to water. The average American family uses 50 gallons of hot water every day. An electric tankless water heater will need 9-12 kWh of … Read more

Does A Gas Water Heater Need Electricity To Function?


Water heater plays a vital role in our homes as there are several household chores where we require hot water. With the growing technology, we have newer versions of water heaters that use fuels to supply constant hot water at a preset temperature. Among those latest inventions, one is the gas water heater. Most gas … Read more

How Long Does Tankless Water Heater Last? Find Out Now

Electtankless water heating systems

Tankless water heating units have gained lots of popularity in the last few years thanks to the endless benefits they offer. Also referred to as on-demand water heaters, these incredible devices are not only highly energy-efficient, require very little to no maintenance, but are equally relatively more reliable and easier to install. And most importantly, … Read more

Water Heater’s Ideal Temperature Setting

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Your water heater is arguably the biggest consumer of energy among your household appliances and devices. In the average American home, a water heating system accounts for nearly 18% of the overall power consumption, according to the department of energy. Ensuring that your water heater is set to the ideal temperature may not only help … Read more