Importance For the Outlet Ground

grounded outlet

Determining the ground outlet is not so hard. Outlets having three holes rather than two holes ( two prongs ) and one situated beneath the holes are the grounded outlets. All modern houses are equipped with grounded outlets because it provides safety to your house/office electrical system. A Brief Introduction To Grounding Receptacle Electrical devices … Read more

Wire Code Identification Color – USA

Wire color code usa

NEC Wires’ Color Identifications Neutral wire – White or grey color The ground wire – green or green with yellow strips Hot or live wire – black color Second live or active wire – Red color Any colors rather than those mentioned above can be helpful for other power lines. Thus, according to the local … Read more

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

bathroom exhaust fan

Bathroom ventilation is essential for preventing moisture damage to the ceiling and walls, building insulation saturation, mold contamination, and decaying wood trimming. The bathroom generates odors, moisture, and VOCs from aerosol products. And bathrooms are the places where foul odors may emanate quickly due to water and wet floors. Exhaust fans work well in such … Read more

Sediment Trap (Drip Leg) | Explained

sediment trap, drip leg

Sediment traps are designed to prevent most particles from entering open gas lines, which would cause clogs or other issues with operation. They also help remove any excess moisture that could lead to liquid buildup while preventing hazardous gases such as methane leaks during periods of heavy rainfall or flooding events. This blog post will … Read more

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust | California Mechanical Code

Kitchen exhaust system

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Regulations The kitchen exhaust is the heart of any commercial kitchen ventilation system. It manages the grease vapors, odors, contamination, moisture, toxic and combustible gases found in the air. However, if it is not installed correctly, it will compromise the safety of your commercial kitchen. That is why California State has a … Read more

Bedroom Standard Size | Building Code Explained

bedroom floor plan

A bedroom must have a floor area of 70 square feet and at least 7 feet in one direction. Also, at least half the ceiling must be at least 7 feet high, minimum. The international residential code and the California residential code have the same requirements for the minimum bedroom size. (R304) (R305). Add more … Read more

Rough-In inspections | Explained

rough in inspection

In-home constructions rough-in inspections are never overemphasized or neglected, as it forms lines of various assessments. The term “rough-in” in construction world refers to a construction stage where all mechanical, plumbing, electrical and framing works being installed. This is where most of the work is initially reviewed by the building inspector before its covered by … Read more