How Many Bags Of Concrete in A Square Foot ? | Every Size


Evaluating the number of concrete bags for one square foot or the total square feet available varies with the height or depth decided for slabs, footings, etc. For instance, you will require 160 bags of concrete for 144 square feet slab (12 by 12 ) having 4 inches depth. Height/ depth varies from 4 inches … Read more

How Many Bags Of Concrete In Sonotube Of Different Sizes?


Every construction project needs concrete in a considerable amount. So, the number of bags need to be evaluated prior to begin the task. The same is the case for Sonotube of various sizes such as 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, etc. Number of concrete bags for every Sonotube size No. Of #Concrete bags 6” … Read more

Concrete Calculator | How Much Concrete your project Need?

Concrete Calculator

Concrete is a valuable material in all sorts of construction projects, mainly where highly compressive strength is necessary. Before calculating, you must understand the concept of direct estimation. There is a straight forward formula to calculate the amount of concrete for walls, slabs, columns, and many more, but you need to check the volume. Determining … Read more

How to Calculate Cylinder Cubic Yardage | Easy Calculator

Cylinder Cubic Yardage calculator

There are situations when you may need to estimate concrete required to fill footings, posts, Sonotubes, walls, floors, sidewalks, etc., in landscaping or construction projects. By the way, Sonotubes are cardboard structures to create smooth cylindrical columns by pouring concrete into them. In a civil engineering project, you might need concrete to form circular columns … Read more

Roof Slope Calculator | How to calculate roof pitch?

how to calculate roof area

You can find several automatic roof pitch/slope calculators on the internet. Still, if you understand the basic concepts behind it, you will determine the slope yourself and appreciate that it is pretty straightforward. Roof Slope Calculator Rise (K) Run (R) Calculate Clear Roof Slope (X) – Roof Angle (A) – Rafter Length (L) – Pitch … Read more

How to Calculate Cubic Yard | Easy Calculator

cubic yard calculation

In residential or commercial construction projects, suppliers measure different types of construction material in cubic yards. It may be the volume of concrete for slab/ foundation or mulch for the garden. Calculate the cubic yard for every shape and find out your project estimates. Cubic Yard Calculator Cubic Yardage Calculator Area Shape SquareRectangleCircleAnnulusTriangleTrapezoid Depth inftydcmm … Read more