Black mold In the Bathroom walls | How to clean it ?

black mold in bathroom

Discoloration in bathroom tiles, walls, or ceilings is not uncommon. But sometimes, they are pretty dangerous. When you find out that mold is developing, you can wipe it with an effective solution. Moisture and mold issues can occur on the ceiling or walls due to several reasons. Ceiling issues are divided into two categories -moisture … Read more

7 Common Mistakes When Renovating a Bathroom

bathroom remodel mistakes

We’ve all wanted to renovate our bathroom and make it look newer. So it is best to understand some of the common pitfalls people fall into when renovating their bathrooms for the first time. After reading this article, you will not make the common mistakes of spending money on cheap, plastic plumbing, not putting enough … Read more

Why my toilet smells bad ? How to get rid of the smell ?

toilet smells bad

Toilets play a critical role in every household. However, some people usually have bad connotations about toilets, mainly due to germs and odors. Toilet odors are common even if high hygiene is maintained. They cause some embarrassments, especially to visitors or guests. The good thing is that these toilet smells can be fixed. Why do … Read more

10 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for homeowners

bathroom remodeling tips

If you are looking for a new look for your bathroom or some plumbing issue has turned up, then Bathroom renovation or remodeling is what homeowners want. Bathroom space is smaller and a comparatively easier task than a kitchen. They are efficient, cost-effective, and smooth. A bathroom remodeling can give you a new space to … Read more