Concrete truck delivey Cost | Cost Factors Explained

Whether you are creating a driveway, pouring a foundation, or laying a new sidewalk or section using concrete, you will want delivery at the location.

Ready-mix concrete can be delivered to your site and pour directly from the truck. It makes your work easier and faster than trying to mix concrete on the location.

A concrete truck’s cost depends on different factors and ranges between 500 USD and 1000 USD. Usually, homeowners pay about 700 USD for five yards of concrete delivery for pouring a pool and a deck.

Factors That Impact On Cost Of The Concrete Truck

Some of the factors that affect the concrete truck cost are as below –

And so on.

Concrete Cost According To Yard

As per research, concrete costs about an average of 108 USD for every cubic yard. Most concrete pouring and delivery charges around 119 USD to 147 USD on every cubic yard that relies on the PSI of the Cement mix. Total ten-yard truckload delivery costs between 1,169 USD and 1,444 USD can pour 20 * 24 driveway.

Cost Of Concrete By Square Foot

The standard 6-inch thick slab of concrete ranges from 5 USD to 10 USD on every square foot, relying on the quality of concrete and the size of the project.

Decor alternatives like patterns, stamping, unique finishes, or coloring bring the total price of installation to around 8 USD to 18 USD on every square foot. Thus, most of the concrete works are evaluated in cubic yards in place of square feet.

Concrete Cost According To Full Truck Load

One full truckload carries about ten cubic yards, and the price ranges between 1,169 USD and 1,444 USD relying on the PSI mix. If it is less than the total truckload, it is considered the short load that adds up to 53 USD on every cubic yard to your final cost.

Concrete Cost Every Ton

One concrete cubic yard is around 2.03 tons that cost an average of 50 USD and 75 USD per ton. Bulk concrete is delivered and measured in tons for huge applications commercially, and the cost varies according to PSI strength.

Delivery Cost As Per Type Of Concrete

Few different sorts of concrete are available and poured in the initial stage, which can then be formed, molded, or pigmented to give the concrete’s final appearance. Costs vary according to the type of concrete delivery. Different types of concrete price different –

  • Modern concrete delivery costs 175 USD to 195 USD.
  • Shot Crete delivery costs in the range of 125 USD and 195 USD.
  • Stamp concrete delivery prices comes in between 190 USD to 210 USD.
  • Self-consolidating concrete delivery ranges from 195 USD and 215 USD.
  • High strength concrete delivery costs 160 USD to 210 USD.
  • Ultra high-performance delivery price occurs in between 600 USD to 3000 USD.
  • Lime Crete concrete delivery costs between 200 USD and 210 USD.

Concrete Cost By Type Of Delivery

Selecting the correct type of concrete delivery is essential whether you are a contractor or homeowner.

The amount of concrete ordered and the distance the truck travels impact the final cost. The two common types of concrete delivery are short load and ready-mix.

Short-load concrete is useful by residential contractors for small to medium size projects where it costs around 119 USD to 147 USD on every cubic yard.

In comparison, concrete is mixed before delivery, which is helpful for large construction projects by contractors like garage slabs and driveways. It costs about 119 USD.

Delivery Cost By Distance

The concrete delivery charges you on every mile over a set distance. Most delivery firms do not charge any fee within 20 miles distance, but if the distance is further than 20 miles, they will charge the extra cost. You can expect 9.75 USD additional on every mile if the distance goes above 20 miles.

Delivery Price By Day

If you require concrete delivery on the weekend, you need to pay an additional fee. Thus, you can avoid it by ordering during workdays.

Wrapping Up

If you are confused about the cost of concrete truck delivery, then there is a brief guide for you that explains the delivery price with the additional charges (if any).