Does solar attic fan works for mobile homes ?

your mobile home heating and cooling system consumes more power than any other appliance in the home, which raises your monthly power bill.

Solar attic fans are an excellent choice for cooling your home. They help you save money and are good for the environment.

Solar attic fans are fans powered by solar energy. They help cool your mobile home and make it more comfortable by pulling out hot air. Using a solar attic fan will reduce the amount of electricity used by the cooling system to keep your upstairs living area cool.

Factors to consider when you buy solar attic fan for your mobile home

The Size Of Your mobile Home

The attic fan can be very inefficient if you do not think about the size of your home. Before going to the store, measure the living space the attic fan will cover in cubic feet.

It will help you tell the volume of air the fan will have to remove. Remember solar fan should remove 2 to 3 cubic feet per minute (CFM) for each square foot of space.

Fan Vents And Their Size

If your home has fan vents, you need to consider their size before buying an attic solar fan. Manufacturers often label solar attic fans with the amount of air they can move along with the diameter.

For instance, a fan with a 30″ diameter can move 5500 CFM, while a 36″ diameter one can move 7000 CFM. Talk to your contractor about the best fan for your fan vents if you are in doubt.

Local Climate

It is essential to consider the climate in your region. You may need a solar attic fan with high CFM if you live in a hot area. In case you live in a cool place, choose one with lower CFM.

The insulation you choose should work with your ceiling fan. Insufficient insulation will let in cold air during winter.

You can also use a winter cover to ensure your ceiling vents do not let in cold air into your home. Make sure the insulation cover you choose seals tightly for maximum insulation.

Types Of Solar Attic Fans

There are two types of solar attic fans; gable-mounted and roof-mounted fans.

Roof vents fans

It takes a shorter time to install but may adversely affect your roof as you have to remove the tiles, shingles, or wood depending on the shape and size of the ventilation fan.

Once you fit the fan in the space, you only need to attach it to the roof using screws. The solar panel is integrated, so you do not have to connect it.

Gable mounted solar attic fans

They are excellent for roofs with gable vents. If the space is bigger than the fan, you can adjust it appropriately. Solar gable-mounted attic fans require users to connect the solar panel and install the module on different parts of the roof.

It is advisable to buy an attic solar fan with a thermostat. A thermostat ensures your fan starts working when the air in your home becomes too hot.

Manufacturers recommend setting your fan thermostat at 100-110 Fahrenheit. When the air in the room gets to the set temperature, the fan will automatically turn on.

Solar attic fans are very effective for cooling your mobile home. You, however, need to ensure that you pick the right fan for your home. Consider the factors mentioned above before getting your solar fan. You can also talk to the people at the hardware store or your contractor when buying the solar attic fan.