Double Wide Mobile Home | What you need to know

A double-wide mobile home is a manufactured house that ranges from 1000 square feet to 2500 square feet. These homes are similar-sized section homes that are each around the size of two single wide homes.

Due to the large size, they are towed to their site as two separate units. They are then seamlessly joined together to create larger rectangular, double-wide homes.

The double-wide homes are constructed in a manufacturing facility. With these homes, you do not have to worry about damaging elements of unfavorable weather conditions that can delay a site-built housing project.

The manufacturing of these homes takes place in a controlled environment. They are dynamic and offer a wide range of space that ranges from 3-5 bedrooms.

Double wide Mobile Home Cost

Compared to traditional homes, mobile homes are fast to build and cost-effective. But you might be wondering the much a double-wide mobile home will cost.

The value of your double-side mobile home will depend on the size of the home per square feet you are getting. If you get bigger homes, the price will increase due to their size.

Most double-wide manufactured homes averagely between 2000-2500 square feet in size. The width and the length are an average of 20 feet in width and 90 feet in length.

Due to their large size, the average cost is between $70,000 and $80,000. The age of the home will also affect the price used to the effect time does on the home and the way the older homes are perceived. If you get an older home, you will likely pay less for the house, depending on its condition.

Double Wide Mobile Home sizes and dimensions

Double Wide Mobile Home sizes and dimensions

The size of the double-size homes ranges depending on the needs of the clients. The smallest size can be as low as 704 square feet, and the biggest size can be as big as 2500 square feet.

Most of the living space will be divided depending on the state regulation. Different categories are used to divide the double-wide homes.

Modest double wide homes

These homes are 972 square feet of living space. These homes’ bedrooms and bathrooms are each two, which are 27 feet long and 42 feet wide. It also comes with an open floor plan that includes an eat-in kitchen.

It also has an expansive window that brings the natural light in. you can custom design these homes, but they should not change the size dimension or make transportation challenging.

Mid-sized double-wide mobile homes

These homes take around 1404 feet of living space. They have three bedrooms, with one being a large master bedroom. It has a wide-open plan design with a large living area and kitchen.

Large double wide mobile homes

Large double wide mobile homes are large since they rake up to 36 feet wide and 76 feet long. They can take up to 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The space’s interior is spacious with an open plan flow and luxury amenities like the center island that doubles up as the breakfast center.

Double Size Mobile Homes Value

A misconception most people have is that their double-wide homes with depreciating. But the fact is that these homes appreciate just in the same way that the stick-built homes appreciate.

Over time, these homes will appreciate, but there is no guarantee just like the stick-built home. However, some factors affect the appreciation of the homes.

The location: If the double-sized home sites are on private property, it is likely to appreciate compared to one that sits on a park. With the demand for these homes growing, the prices are likely to stay constant or increase over time.

Housing market: The other factor that determines the price of the double-size home is the house’s area. The location can positively or negatively impact the price

Pros and Cons of having Double Size Mobile Home

There are several advantages and limitations of buying a double-wide mobile home. Learning of them will help you make the right decision and help you determine if this is the right home for you to buy or not.


  • Lower cost of obtaining a house compared to the stick-built homes
  • Homeownership is easy to achieve
  • Get more space for your money
  • Get quality construction
  • Flexible since you can move it from one land to another
  • Build-in controlled environment, and they will offer you with quality standard


  • These homes can depreciate in value
  • Expensive to finance
  • There is a stigma attached to mobile homeownership
  • Does not have a permanent foundation