How many water heaters explode a year?

Explosions caused by water heaters are uncommon but not unheard of. Every few years, a water heater explosion occurs in the United States.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, water heaters are involved in up to 11% of home fires in the United States, though these are rarely explosions. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports approximately 40 deaths and 300 injuries caused by home water heater explosions in the United States alone every year!

To name a few examples, it occurred in Russia, California, Illinois, and Alaska. These explosions are also common enough to justify significant investments and research into possible solutions.

An explosion from a water heater can result in significant property damage, bodily harm, and even death.

burnt water heater

Ways To Prevent An Explosion Hot Water Heaters

Even if it’s a gas or electric water heater, it’s a vessel with fuel beneath it. A temperature and pressure relief valve is the name of this small valve on the side. It can be found on any equipment that uses a flame or electricity.

People frequently make the mistake of capping these valves because they were leaking. But leaks indicate either too much heat or too much pressure inside the tank, which can be fatal. This little valve is in charge of absorbing tension and lowering the temperature when it becomes too high.

When individuals unplug these, an explosion is only a matter of time. Experts have seen examples where people have opened these and placed the fuel lawn. A water heater has been successfully propelled from the basement into the first floor, second floor, and attic, effectively destroying the entire house only because someone unplugged one of these.

Experts wanted to show you where this pipe is located. A sample of copper will frequently be seen traveling from the pipeline about a foot off the ground. There’s a reason it’s there. In case this doesn’t work out. So that no one is burned, it should just take the discharge and throw it down on the floor.

What Not To Do If Your Water Heater Explodes

Aside from not attempting to fix a water heater that you are afraid would explode on your own, stay away from the following:

  • Using tape to cover a perforation in your tank will increase the pressure and increase the risk of an explosion.
  • Not having your water heater examined for more than a year
  • Ignoring a problem for an extended period
  • Working on your water heater with unlicensed or untrustworthy technicians

Gas Vs. Electric Water Heaters

Electronically controlled heaters are entirely safe. It doesn’t emit carbon monoxide and poses a combustion or explosion threat. Electronically controlled water heaters do not lose energy due to emission or replacement air circulating into and out of a house. Electric heaters are less expensive to install as there is no need for a gas system or an exhaust.

Since electric water heaters produce no chemicals, they are advised by experts to be used at home for it is uncommon to explode, nor are they prone to a gas leak that can cause fire or destruction to your home. But both gas and electric water heaters are prone for explosion if not properly installed.


Exploding water heaters aren’t a myth; they happen all the time. We looked at the causes of water heater explosions and warning indications and prevention strategies in this piece. You already have a thorough understanding of what to do if your water heater is on the verge of exploding.