How much does a home inspection cost?

Purchasing a house can be a good experience but can be a challenging procedure. It is why a quality professional home inspection is vital during the buying procedure of a dream home.

The typical house owner does not have the training needed to inspect the entire house properly, considering many situations leading to future problems. But how much does home inspection cost you?

On average, home inspection cost between $200 and $500. If you hire a home inspector for four to five points inspection, the cost may be between $125 and $150.

What Is Included In Home Inspection Services?

home inspector inspecting foundation vent

Generally, home inspection includes the structure of the house, plumbing, exterior, HVAC system, ventilation, roof, foundation, fireplaces, appliances, and electrical system. All these areas need an inspection from a certified home inspector.

The inspector will build a report that recommends repairing or improvements to ensure that the house you are willing to buy meets the needed standards.

The detailing home inspection is the perfect way for protecting the significant investment in real estate. It also makes sure that buyers are comfortable and happy with their new place.

The cost of home inspection relies on the type and size of the house, along with its location.

Home Inspection Cost According To The Square Feet

There are several factors impacting home inspection cost; the size of the home is one of those. The inspection cost can be evaluated according to the square footage that determines the space inspection required to look at and the time needed for their services.

Check out the price of different square footage areas

House Square FeetHome Inspection Cost

Add $50 for every additional 500 square feet.

Cost Of Home Inspection As Per The Type

The average cost of a home inspection varies according to the type of house. The small condo charges less in comparison to the single-family home.

Home having crawlspaces and basements will be more expensive for inspection as crawl spaces are tricky spaces and are more challenging to reach. ‘

The crawlspace or basement is the more square footage for covering to report overall. The inspection cost of the basement changes as per the number of rooms, whether it is unfinished or finished.

Below are some of the common sorts of homes and the average cost of inspection connected with these building designs –

Single Family Dwelling

The most common type of houses in the united states is single family homes, their size range between 800 square feet to 6000 square feet. Home inspection cost starts at $200 and goes up to $800. Please refer to the table above for the average cost.

Tiny Home

Tiny houses are in demand because people are aware of the advantages of those small homes. These houses can be tiny of about 400 square footage space.

All the things are small in such buildings that involve one section of cooking, sleeping and cleaning up. Small windows, staircases, crannies, and nooks make these houses perfect for those willing to live and downsize a minimal lifestyle.

Thus, when considering the minimal components and small size of tiny homes, the average cost of a home inspection comes in a range of about $150 and $250. There is less to look in such dwellings and not more grand space to move around; hence the procedure is faster.

Condominium and Apartment

Condominium building comprises individual owned sections that may need inspection before buying. The association of homeowners covers the building-wise and exterior maintenance problems about the entire building and construction.

Few purchasers select to go for condo inspections for a particular reason. They trust associations for caring about significant issues. Hence, it is best to get the expert condo inspection done to ensure all the HVAC fittings, electrical and plumbing, floors, ceilings, walls, etc., meet the requirements.

So, the average cost range of condo home inspection is around $200 to $500, depending on the square footage and age of the condominium.

Mobile Homes

Mobile houses are not uncommon like people think. In the US, more than 21 million people stay in mobile homes. It is vital to have the home inspection for the mobile home as it is for the standard house.

Mobile homes have unique features that need a special assessment. The assessment includes AC systems, electric wiring, switches, foundation, faucets, plumbing, etc. The mobile home inspection cost varies from $250 to $400 in urban and resort areas.


Cottages are simple and small with a simple layout. They are placed in rural areas and small towns like farming or lakeside. Most houses include one or two bedrooms having a living area, kitchen, and bathroom. Others have extra rooms that tuck away in the tidy upstairs. The average cost ranges between $250 to $300.


Bungalows are almost similar to cottages. The significant difference is that the bungalow has a common-style sloping roof having a wide front porch.

These houses are all one level, or they may have the room in the top having dormer windows. Bungalows are pretty small in terms of square footage that means a more affordable price.

Bungalows have more problems with the HVAC systems and electrical wiring. A full bungalow inspection makes sure that the bungalow is in appropriate condition and costs between $250 to $325.


Another sort of home that needs inspection is a chalet. Chalets may be double or single floors that have bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas. Chalet inspection is more minor than single-family home inspection because of its smaller size. It ranges from $250 to $350 for the standard assessment of chalet.

Wrapping Up

Home inspection costs time and money, but it is worth having it. The inspection can reveal issues that you may get the current owners for fixing or prevent from purchasing the new house for you.