How Much Weight Can Command Strip Hold?

Command Strips are a household hanging product designed and manufactured by 3M.

The simple design of a double-sided adhesive strip and a hook designed to bond with it makes it the perfect choice for a quick installation and for those who can not make permanent adjustments to their living space.

How Much Weight Can Command Strip Hold?

As well as Command Strips being easy to install, they are just as easy to remove and very rarely leave any sign that they were even there.

But one worry some potential users of this product have is the weight limitations.

With Command Strips being so easy to install and such a small product, worry about just how effective they are at holding up heavier objects is bound to arise.

Asking how much weight a Command Strip can hold unfortunately does not have one answer.

This is because 3M has produced a massive array of Command Strips for different uses.

All Command Strip products are designed so that they can hold at least 1lb (450 grams) but with such a wide variety of more heavy-duty options available, this can go up to 8lbs (3.6 kilograms).

So let’s go through different weight categories and see what Command Strip is best for what you need!

Lighter Weight Options

If you are looking to hang one smaller item in an area where you will need it often, and it will be visible, the best choice is the Command Small Modern Reflections Brushed Nickel Metal Hook.

This subtle but attractive brushed nickel design is perfect for matching kitchens or living spaces with metallic accents.

This design can carry 1lb (450 grams) so it is perfect for lightweight equipment like kitchen towels or hanging utensils in convenient locations.

If you want a similar product that is more designed for a bathroom the Command Bath Small Metal Hook, Modern Reflections, Satin Nickel is a great choice.

This hook has a similar design to the last choice and has the same weight limit of 1lb (450 grams).

What makes it stand out is that this hook has a specific waterproof adhesive, which makes it perfect for more wet and humid environments like a bathroom.

Just make sure when installing that the surface is completely dry.

A classic use of Command Strips is to hang up paintings or photos.

This is because of how easy they are to move around and how stable they are at holding up items like this.

The best option for hanging up objects like this is the Command Small Picture Hanging Strips, which come with 4 pairs of white hangers.

Compared to the last couple of choices, these hangers are designed to be flatter, so they can fit comfortably between a flat frame and a wall.

One pair of hangers in this pack can support 1lb (450 grams).

Keeping utilities organized can be a big hassle, especially with cables being so prone to tangling.

The Command Small Utility Hooks Value Pack was created specifically to solve this issue, with its cable width hook being perfect for organizing, redirecting, and separating cables.

This design comes with 6 hooks, each of which can hold 1lb (450 grams), but 12 strips, because with cables moving so often and sometimes being needed in different areas, removing and reinstalling the hooks may be necessary.

For a much more niche but still common issue, the Command Clear Jewelry Racks are a great choice for keeping jewelry like necklaces and bracelets organized and stopping them from getting lost.

It also serves as a way of displaying them instead of keeping jewelry hidden away in a box.

Heavier Weight Options

Heavier Weight Options

If you are looking for a product for displaying heavier objects in your living spaces like mirrors or heavier hanging frames, the Command Large Modern Reflections Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Hook is a great choice.

This sleek but capable metal hook is an easy solution to a frustrating problem and can hold up to 5bs (2.25 kilograms) so it is much more multi-use than the lighter weight varieties.

If you want a similar option but for a bathroom, the Command Bath Large Designer Hook can carry up to 5lbs (2.25 kilograms) as well, with the humidity and wetness protection of other Command bath products.

This product is perfect for hanging towels or shower caddies and is even able to hold up in the warmer and wetter conditions of a bathroom.

Now for a product still using the Command Strip technology, but looking nothing like its predecessors, the Command Slate Picture Ledge is a whole shelf held up with Command Strips.

The shelf has a 21-inch (53 cm) length and a 2-inch depth (5.1 cm) and can support up to 5lbs (2.25 kilograms).

This makes it perfect for its intended use for displaying photo frames, however, it can of course be used for lots of similar weight items.

And with this shelf using Command Strip technology, it is easy to move and reinstall somewhere else if the need arises.

For those who love painting on canvas, or have a lot of canvases they want to display, the Command Jumbo Canvas Picture Hanger is amazing for holding them up.

The design fits comfortably behind a canvas and can support up to 5lbs (2.25 kilograms), which should support most canvases.

However, if you have an even heavier canvas, the Command Jumbo Universal Picture Hanger is the one for you.

This design is perfect for canvases but can be used on a massive array of other objects like heavier photo frames.

This Command Strip can hold an insane 8lbs (3.62 kilograms) so you do not have to worry about it not being able to hold up.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you find a type of Command Strip product that suits what you are looking for!

Some advice for using command strips is to make sure to always thoroughly read instructions before application, since wasting the strips can be a pain even if the hooks are reusable.

Also, unless you are completely confident in your application, do not hang or place irreplaceable fragile objects on something supported by Command Strips.

They do work well, but if not properly installed, they have the possibility to fail.