How to Fix a Dishwasher Door That Won’t Close

Most of the new dishwashers are durable. If you have an old dishwasher, you may face some problems that can disturb its function. People face dishwasher door-related problems most frequently.

Most dishwashers stop functioning in case the door is does not lock properly. Even if the dishwasher works when the door is not locked, it can spill a lot of water on the floor.

You may have to mop for a long time if the dishwasher door malfunctions. We have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you fix the door closing issues.

Step 1: Diagnosing the issue

You must diagnose the issue that is causing the dishwasher door problem. It is possible to repair the dishwasher when you have identified the issue. We have arranged the list of the most common issues. You can find the ways to find these problems in this step.

Check if something is blocking the door

You should check the placement of the dishes. When you have placed the items randomly, it can block the locking facility of the door.

It is essential to rearrange all the things placed near the door to identify that the problem in the arrangement is not causing the issue.

A part of fixing material can also block the door. It is only possible when you have installed a new dishwasher. It is the first step to identify the problem in the dishwasher as it is the simplest way.

Check the door gasket

You may have seen a rubber-like object near the edges of the dishwasher door. This rubber-like material is called the door gasket. It is essential to check it for any damages.

If there are some damages, your dishwasher may not function properly. You can check the door latch by physically observing it. If you find some cracks, it is a sign that it may be causing this problem.

In case of this problem, your door may close partially and the water will start leaking after you start the dishwasher. If you have found a door gasket problem, you can learn about the replacement procedure.

Check the door hinges and springs

When you open the dishwasher door, there is a semicircle metal piece at the sides. This piece will help the door stay in a perfect place. The door hinge will ensure that your door stays aligned and closes perfectly.

You can identify the problems in the door hinge by opening the door repeatedly and listening to noise. If the door is making a sharp noise during the opening, it is an indication of a door hinge problem.

Springs are usually a part of the door hinge assembly. If a spring is out of its place, it can block the engine assembly. When you have a problem related to the hinge or spring, the door will not close perfectly.

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Step 2: Fix the small issues

If you only have a problem related to dish alignment, you can solve this issue by arranging the dishes.

If something is blocking the door, it is also easy to fix as you can move an object that is hindering the door. It will solve the issue efficiently. If you are facing a complicated issue, you should go to the third step.

Step 3: Fix the complicated issues

When there is a problem with the door hinge or springs, it will be hard to solve the problem. You have to open the screws of the dishwasher door and replace the hinge.

It is also possible to fix the spring in place when you open the screws. If the door is still not functioning efficiently, you can replace the gasket. You have to remove the old gasket first.

You can remove it when you apply a little force using any grabbing tool. You can bring the new gasket also. You can take the old gas kit to the electronic equipment shop as they can give you this same sized gasket.

Step 4: Get help

If you have tried all these ways but there is no benefit, you can go to a certified dishwasher electrician to resolve the issue. He can identify the problem quickly and solve it the same day. You can save your time by hiring a professional person.

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