How to Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger ?

Having a plunger at home comes very handy in case of plumbing emergency, the plunger can be a life saver when you have clogging issue, but if you do not have one, Here are some tips to help you to unclog your toilet with out the need of a plunger.

10 Tips To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

1. Vacuum Valve

Consider renting a dry/wet vacuum from a local hardware store. However, don’t try this with a regular vacuum. First, try using it to empty water from a bowl.

Next, wrap a hose in the old rag for creating a seal, then stick a vacuum just a few inches down a drain. Once you turn on a vacuum, it needs to suck out a clog. Do not forget using the rubber gloves as well.

2. Hot Water

All you need is a large bucket and hot water. Keep in mind that even though water needs to be hot, it doesn’t have to be boiling since pouring boiling water into a toilet bowl may cause it to crack, leaving you in a worse situation.

Fill a toilet with hot water. The heat, alongside a movement of water, can help in breaking up and removing a clog.

3. Vinegar And Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda can be a good mixture you can use to unclog a toilet. Not only is this mixture considered an incredible cleaner for a lot of different kinds of surfaces, but it also helps in eliminating toilet clog efficiently.

First, pour the cup of baking soda into a toilet bowl, spreading it around until it covers the surface area, letting it sink. Now add two cups of vinegar and then pour vinegar slowly, in a circular motion to let it disperse evenly around in a toilet.

Once vinegar starts mixing with baking soda, expect some fizzing to happen, which should consequently begin to break up a clog. Let a mixture sit there for approximately an hour before trying to flush.

In case the first attempt does not work, try using the same amounts of vinegar and baking soda and allow it to work overnight.

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4. A Wire Hanger

Is there a wire hanger in your closet? If so, all you need to do is unfold a hanger and then straighten it out. In case it has a rough edge, try wrapping and tying the rag around the end that you will use for unclogging a toilet.

This can prevent a wire from scratching an inside of a bowl and drain. Next, stick a wrapped end down a drain as you prod a clog to loosen it.

However, you might need to use some force, so avoid using too much of your strength, or else you may end up causing serious damage.

5. Dish Soap

If the hot water method fails you, you should consider using hot water alongside dish soap. The dish soaps exist for breaking down grease, grime, and dirt, meaning they are quite a powerful mixture.

Try putting the cup of dish soap into a toilet bowl. Then add hot water, letting a mixture sit there for a while. In certain cases, it may take about thirty minutes to work.

However, depending on a clog, you may have no other choice but to let it sit there overnight. If you do not feel like running to a kitchen to grab a dish soap, you can use shampoo instead as it can be an adequate substitute for dish soap.

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6. Epsom Salt

Let’s say that you are at your friend’s or family member’s house and then suddenly a clog happens. Instead of letting them know about it right away, first, take a look around to find Epsom salt.

If you did, using it is definitely worth trying. The salt can create a fizzy reaction after it is added to water, helping to break things up for clearing a clog.

In case you can’t find Epsom salt, the bath bomb may do the trick instead. If you decide to use the bath bomb, ensure to replace it later.

7. Toilet Brush

If a clog is lodged very close to a waste trap, this technique might work reasonably well. But keep in mind that you’ll need to get down as you force a brush through a waste trap, giving it several forceful pushes.

Yes, this can be an unpleasant method, so consider using it only if all the other ones don’t work.

8. Use A Plastic Bottle

Begin by turning off a flapper. You’ll need to wear gloves as you are going to get your hands dirty. Grab a bowl so that you can use it for scooping water out of a toilet bowl.

Now pour warm water into the bottle, covering it with your thumb. Guide a bottle down a toilet bowl, then remove your thumb and press a bottle. This can force water out, and probably a clog as well, through a waste pipe.

9. Squirt Gun Drainer

This can be especially helpful in case you want to drain water in a toilet bowl. If you use the sponge, you will most likely need long hours, however, this automatic tool can save you the stress of squeezing and soaking.

Once you have drained water in a toilet bowl, unclogging can be quite easy. After draining, consider trying other tips as well, which may have a higher chance of success.

10. Strong Chemicals

You may want to consider using this method if you’re already familiar with the chemicals that contain neutralizing properties/agents. They can work well as dissolving agents.

However, to eliminate any chances of damaging your toilet pipes, make sure to get some information about the chemicals you are going to use by checking online.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of useful methods you can use to unclog a toilet without a plunger. All you should do now is use the tips mentioned above so that you can finally fix the problem.

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