Is There Drywall Under Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings are often used to cover or hide any imperfections on the top surface. If you have such a ceiling, you might have wondered once, ‘what is under my ceiling?’ Popcorn textures can hide cosmetic blemishes. There can be anything under a popcorn ceiling such as mold, plaster, tape, nails, screws, joint compound, asbestos, sand, etc.

Hence, Drywall also can be under your popcorn ceiling depending on the year your house was constructed.

Popcorn ceilings give texture to the surface, whereas base ceilings are usually made of plaster, lath, concrete, or Drywall. Before installing drywall or plaster, experts sand and smoothen the surface. After the placement of drywall, they clean and prime the ceiling. Thus, it is quite possible that there may be different layers under your popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn ceilings are also useful to cover a lousy drywall installation. It is because errors are not noticeable with popcorn texture on the surface. So, when you remove popcorn ceiling texture, you may find a drywall surface underneath. It may make those poor areas of Drywall visible again while scraping off the texture.

If your house was built after the 1950s, you would generally find Drywall under popcorn texture. Drywall came into existence after World War I. Before this, ceilings used to have plaster, concrete, or lath. However, Drywall took precedence over every finishing material for ceilings, and even today, it is popular worldwide for the ceiling base.

What Is Drywall? How Can We Say It Is Underneath Popcorn Ceiling?

Drywall is a versatile building material helpful in creating or covering ceilings and walls. It comes in different thicknesses, constructions, and types, including plasterboard, VOC absorbing, and mold-resistant.

It is made from Gypsum (a naturally occurring mineral in huge supply) mixed with added materials to create a slurry. Next, It gets sandwiched between two paper layers and is dried. The type and thickness of paper, along with the chemicals used in the slurry, determine the type of Drywall.

For determining whether there is Drywall or not, you can find the year it was built. Some People also refer to Drywall as a plaster surface. Hence, be sure of it and do not get confused.

Is There Drywall Under Or Over Popcorn Ceiling?

Another fact that may amaze you is that you may even find Drywall over the popcorn ceilings. It can be found both over or under a Popcorn Ceiling. Nevertheless, there are various reasons why Drywall is often found under the popcorn ceiling –

  • Since a drywall installation is completed by placing the sheets together, their seams can be easily noticeable if the builder has misused the joint compound.
  • You may see Drywall made of plasterboards, fire-resistant boards, etc, under a popcorn texture. It is because they are cost-effective, easy, and quick to install.
  • They are as smooth as needed for applying the popcorn effect.
  • They are aesthetically amazing and can dampen the room’s acoustics.

Furthermore, People now prefer to install another Drywall instead of removing the popcorn ceiling if they face issues in popcorn removal.

Evidence Of Drywall Under Popcorn Texture

Whenever you explore the steps to remove a popcorn texture, experts may recommend scraping off popcorn carefully and trying not to scrape the surface. It is a clear indication that Drywall is present underneath your popcorn texture.

If you remove the popcorn texture from your ceiling and find tape or joint compound applied over a few areas, it implies that there is Drywall or plasterboard underneath.

Before applying a Popcorn effect to the surface, you need a flat and smooth area. It was possible with drywall efficiently. The primary advantage of plaster is that it provides a smooth surface.

While removing the popcorn texture, if you observe different surface colors such as green, fire-resistant drywall is likely installed.

Apart from these, Americans prefer to install drywalls, most probably because it is faster and easier to install. Hence, there may be drywall underneath the popcorn ceiling in the USA.

Moreover, after removing the popcorn effect, Professionals always try to patch a drywall surface again when they see alteration before applying other drywall finishes.