Can You Live Next To Boiler Room In An Apartment Complex?

A boiler room is a place where heating equipment and boilers are kept.

You can live next to a boiler room safely with good cleaning and maintenance and proper prior inspection if you are okay with conditions like the release of radiant heat, poisonous gas releasing, noise, etc.

Moreover, you need to check all your concrete surfaces because gases may get through its cracks and may enter your house. However, modern boilers now come in a compact body with a great seal.

Lack of safety and maintenance of a boiler room may lead to a harmful incident. But experts have their easy-to-follow checklist and tips for using every day to prevent any such problems.

What is A Boiler Room?

The boiler room or mechanical room is the space in the building meant to keep the mechanical equipment or any associated electrical types of equipment. Such rooms are not even used for storage or for any human use.

An apartment or industrial workplace requires a safe, functional boiler room. To realize this aim, the only way is to follow proper guidelines and safety measures.

Boilers generally deliver radiant heat that heats the objects in the room, so keeping any storage items there is not advisable. However, a forced-air furnace heats the air in the room, which indicates that objects absorb heat slowly.

Few people stay far from the boiler room as they can quickly set thermostats at lower temperatures, and the radiant heat makes the room warmer than the average air temperature.

Some prefer next or below boiler room as they say that boilers provide balanced heat at home during winter days.

Is It Safe To Live Next To A Boiler Room In An Apartment?

Whenever the question of staying near a boiler room arises, safety is the first thing that strikes into mind. Thus, It is safe to live next to a boiler room if there is no issue in its cleaning, care, guidelines, and maintenance. However, it also depends on your adapting conditions whether you are ready to live with its warmth, carbon monoxide or other poisonous gases exposure, noise, etc.

Before deciding to live next to boiler room, consider few things discussed below –

Noise Production By Boiler

Modern Boilers nowadays have been constructed somewhat quieter than they earlier used to be. But it does not mean they are silent entirely. You have to deal with some level of noise. So if you are the sort of individual who cannot live even with any slight noise level, then you must drop the idea to stay next to a boiler room.

Another aspect is that even if you can stay and sleep with a slight noise, ensure to check that whenever something goes wrong with boiler operation, it may result in loud noises. It may hence result in yourself getting uncomfortable.

But with modern construction technology, you can get your walls done soundproof, which may solve the issue of noise generated by boilers.

Heat Or Warmth Due To Boiler Room

All appliances in the boiler room are hot to touch when they are in function. It is pretty normal. Therefore, in addition to it, boilers warm up the room and surrounding temperature.

Although this is not the issue in winters, it can be troublesome during summers. So if you have insulation in your house or any insulation cover around boilers, there is no problem staying next to the boiler room.

Leakage Of Carbon Monoxide

Boilers with a fault can release carbon monoxide that is harmful and more dangerously odorless. Many people have died because of inhaling carbon monoxide.

You can take some steps to prevent leakage of carbon Monoxide beforehand by installing a detector of CO.