Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel| Cost -tips

When we talk about mobile home kitchen remodeling, layout and variations strike our minds according to trending ideas. Generally, mobile homes have kitchens with simple structures.

If you have observed the mobile home’s interior correctly, it was most likely to remodel or renovate. It is not easy to find out the mobile home kitchen ideas, so this article shows you the ideas and cost respectively. Let us start

Mobile Home Remodeling average Cost

The price depends on your choice and remodeling items in the kitchen. On average, the kitchen remodeling of the mobile home goes in the range of 5000 USD to 15,000 USD. In addition to this, the labor and materials costs range between 1000 USD and 3000 USD.

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodeling Tips With Cost

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Continue reading the article that shows you remodeling ideas along with its price –

Layout Change

First of all, you can change the layout of the house. Walls can be moved, built, or torn down. Planning the layout of the kitchen remodeling is vital because it will decide your overall cost. You want open shelves/cabinets, kitchen island, surface, flooring, décor, etc.

Replace Or Touch Up Cabinet Doors Or Install New Cabinets

Mobile homes do not have lovely cabinets as they are usually of laminate wood cabinets or simple wooden cabinets without any finishing type. So, you can either repaint or refinish them, replace the doors of cabinets, or replace their handles with lovely patterns. Giving a touch-up to cabinets can range up to 500 USD to 800 USD.

However, installing new kitchen cabinets in your mobile house may be challenging. But it is not at all a bad idea. If you want to establish suitable and wall mount cabinets, you can go for it. Cabinet installation costs from 1800 USD to 8000 USD.

The best tip you can do is replace all cabinet doors with cute stuff and get a new handle design.

Add The Kitchen Island

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen without an island nowadays, right? It is a convenient and easy way to add more space in the kitchen without creating a mess. You can also purchase mobile kitchen islands nowadays that are more versatile. You can utilize them to stroll to the living room with dishes experiencing like a top-notch restaurant.

Again, many modern and good-quality kitchen islands come with storage solutions such as chopping boards, towels, utensils, tools, cutlery, and cookware. The kitchen island remodeling can range on an average of 3000 USD to 6000 USD.

Add New Countertops/Surfaces

It is another excellent idea to replace the kitchen counter surfaces as everyone uses them the most. So you can replace your counters or remodel them with wooden, marble, granite, and so on according to your choice. The price depends on the material you choose.

Add Adjustable Decor

Things you can do to add charm to your mobile home kitchen is the décor that you can change quickly. Cabinets and appliances are things that cannot be swapped easily. Dishes, candles, wall hangings, dish towels, and so on can be changed to add a different and unique style. The style you choose will decide the cost.

Make Your Shelves Open

Open shelves are now a big trend in the kitchen, so you can remove the cabinet doors and paint them in the interiors to give an appealing look.

Add Integrated Appliances

One significant benefit of kitchen remodeling is integrating appliances into your countertops and reducing clutter from there. Old mobile homes might have dishwashers, fridges, or separate ovens, but it is now the standard to be built into cupboards.

Not only it looks modern and sleek, but it gives you more space. For instance, you can install your oven or microwave vertically on top of each other to save space and get the most of it.

Final Words

Remodeling the mobile home kitchen can be challenging but not too hard. There are fewer ideas, but you can give an aesthetic look to your kitchen within your budget by planning. From the cost to the ideas, everything is discussed in brief in this article.