Ufer ground | Electrical Code Requirements

Ufer Ground

What is Ufer stand for ? The right terminology for the the Ufer ground according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) is Concrete-encased Electrode section 250.52 (A)(3). The Ufer is the common word being used among the construction workers and electricians. Ufer Ground Accessibility All mechanical connectors are used to connect the electrical panel grounding … Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Building Permit Process

Building permit process

It is very important for the homeowners to be aware of the process of how to prepare the paperwork and plans for their new building permit. Even if the homeowner is hiring a contractor or architect to handle the paperwork for him. It is so beneficial to learn about the process and to know what … Read more

10 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for homeowners

bathroom remodeling tips

If you are looking for a new look for your bathroom or some plumbing issue has turned up, then Bathroom renovation or remodeling is what homeowners want. Bathroom space is smaller and a comparatively easier task than a kitchen. They are efficient, cost-effective, and smooth. A bathroom remodeling can give you a new space to … Read more

Plumbing code requirements for Cleanouts

Plumbing cleanout- Back or front yard

When your sewer line or drainage system get clogged or backed up, first thing a plumber do is finding the locations of the plumbing cleanout throughout the property. Cleanout comes in different sizes and it can be located inside the house which called a wall cleanout located under the kitchen or bathroom sinks or laundry … Read more

Electrical codes requirements for kitchen remodel

electrical kitchen remodel

If you remodeling your kitchen or building a new one, same codes from the international electrical code (NEC) will apply. Electrical codes change regularly every three years, many of contractors and homeowner builders fail the city or county inspections not because they did something wrong, but just because they were not aware of the new … Read more

Bathroom Electrical Codes Requirements

Bathroom remodel

Bathroom electrical circuits National electrical code requires the following branch circuits to be added for new or remodeled bathroom, One 20 amps dedicated circuit for the bathroom outlet, you may connect an additional outlet within the same bathroom. However it can not be coNnected to other outlets outside the bathroom.(NEC 210.11(c)(3)).The 20 amps circuit can … Read more

Electrical Permit | Read before you apply for one

sub panel-electrical permit

Who can apply for electrical permit? If the scope of work limited only to electrical work, a licensed electrician or the homeowner can apply for the electrical permit. If the work involving any framing work in addition to electrical work a General building contractor can apply for the permit as well. The homeowner can apply … Read more

Plumbing permit & inspections process guide

plumbing rough-in

Who Can apply for plumbing permit? In the state of California if the scope of work limited only to plumbing work, a C-36 plumbing contractor or/and The homeowner may apply for the plumbing permit. If the work involving any framing work in addition to plumbing work B- General building contractor can apply for the plumbing … Read more

Drywall Inspection Checklist

Residential Building -drywall screws

When do you call for drywall inspection? Drywall (gypsum board) inspection shall be made after the interior drywall is in place, but before joints and fasteners (screws and nails) are taped and finished. Inspectors shall be able to verify the drywall screws or nailing that were installed according to the residential codes. (IRC (CRC … Read more

Carbon monoxide detectors locations | Code requirements

Carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm combination

The installation of the carbon monoxide detector still a bit confusing for homeowners and even some contractors. Explaining in detail the locations requirements for the smoke detectors according to the most recent international and California residential building codes and NFPA 72 in new and existing residential properties. What is the carbon monoxide detector? A device … Read more