Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector | Explained

Because Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, it can be harmful to people. Mainly because without a portable Carbon monoxide detector, you actually can’t tell it is present. Every year 25,000 to 30,000, people are affected by carbon monoxide poisoning and about 500 or more actually die.

This is frightening and it is known as a silent killer. Today we will look at ways of keeping your family safe from Carbon monoxide leaks when you are traveling, as the right portable Carbon monoxide detector will keep you safe.

What Can Cause Carbon Monoxide?

You are more at risk in cold weather as Carbon monoxide is produced when you are using a heating source at home, but particularly holidaying or camping your family can be at risk through the following sources.

  • Gas fires
  • Central heating
  • Boilers
  • Cooking stoves
  • Water heaters
  • Open fires ( rob the air of oxygen in a confined space), always have a source of air.
  • Oil, coal, and wood fires.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is insidious and you may not even know that you have it as it can start with a slight headache from the Carbon monoxide levels being too high, and can end up with the loss of consciousness. So if you have older-style appliances or rely on an open fire, you definitely should have a Carbon monoxide meter to keep you and your family safe.

How Does a Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector Work?

Once the levels of Carbon monoxide rise, the meter will let you know, by ringing or buzzing. They don’t need installing as you will be taking the meter with you on your road trip. Wherever you are sleeping, try to open the window a crack as that allows the air to remain fresh and flowing.

Unfortunately, hotel windows don’t open any more due to central air conditioning, and this is why you need a portable Carbon monoxide detector with you on your trip.

How to choose and Where to Buy your Detector

You want the portable model, that is battery powered so that you can take it on your camping trip with the family. Check if it has indicator lights that tell you how much the Carbon monoxide reading is, it should show this on the LED display. The alarm should either beep or ring its warning

when Carbon monoxide is leaking into the air. Keep the meter near you when you are sleeping, so that you will wake up if it issues a warning.

Some Good Choices in Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector Are:

1. Klein Tools ET110 Carbon Monoxide Meter

This is quite small enabling the purchaser to put it in their pocket. It is battery-powered with 4 AAA batteries. It clearly tells when there is a risk of poisoning even at low emission levels. It has both low and high alarm levels issuing both visual and audio alarms, so you will know that you are at risk. Simple to use, with an LCD screen, and a carrying pouch.

2. Sensorcon Inspector CO Carbon Monoxide Monitor

A larger option with an LCD screen to read the levels between 1 and 1999 ppm. At 35 ppm it will issue a low-level alert, and at 200ppm, a high-level alert is issued. It is battery-operated, accurate, and easy to purchase.

3. Forensics Detectors LTD Car, Vehicle, AircraftCarbon Monoxide Detector

If you fly a small plane or drive a bus, this is the detector for you. It will help you to detect high levels of carbon monoxide wherever you are, showing the exact level on an LED screen. The alarm will warn you at 9ppm and 25ppm, an earlier alarm warning than most other systems.

There are bright LED lights at the bottom to let you know if there is a reason to be concerned. Batteries last a long time up to 8 months and you can mount this alarm on the wall with a stick-on. The product has a 1-year warranty.

4. First Alert CO600

This one plugs into the PowerPoint and has been named one of the best carbon-monoxide detectors of 2021. It features a sophisticated and advanced carbon monoxide sensor. This allows the device to accurately test CO levels. If you are moving around you can plug it in wherever you are at work or at home.

5.UEi Carbon Monoxide Detector

This device will fit in your pocket, allowing you to detect CO levels anywhere. The quality CO sensor will alert you to detect levels of CO as there are three alarm settings on this device with a traffic light system from green to red. It is battery-operated to carry with you and keep you safe.

All of the above portable carbon monoxide detectors range in price from $30-$180 and are easy to find in a hardware store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a system that will alert me of CO levels in my home, even when I am not at home?

Yes, purchase Google Nest this will connect to your phone and alert you, to keep your home safe.

Can you die from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Yes, people inhaling carbon monoxide experience a displacement of oxygen levels leading to headache, dizziness, and ultimately unconsciousness and death.

Who is at risk of Carbon monoxide poisoning?

Everyone, but babies and the elderly are more at risk of dying due to smaller airways and illnesses. Many people each year are hospitalized following Carbon monoxide poisoning taking a long time to recover.

Should I carry a Carbon monoxide detector with me when I travel?

Yes, especially if you are staying in deregulated accommodation, as you can never be certain of the safety standards.

How often should I change the batteries in my portable Carbon monoxide detector?

Twice a year unless there are other indicators. Every six months is a good idea.

You can also purchase a good range of Portable Carbon Monoxide detectors on Amazon, and there is a large range of choices available. I would suggest that you purchase a couple, one for home and one in your car.