Solar Water Heater | Advantages & Disadvantages

The ability to harness the power of the sun has transformed communities and given viable and sustainable solutions to various market needs.

The solar water heater uses energy from the sun in order to heat the water.

The discovery of the solar water heater is attributed to various persons, Levi Yisser for instance.

Countries such as Israel and China have had a tradition of using solar water heaters, and this trend is now gaining prominence in the US. States such as California are already ahead in the advocacy of the solar water heaters.

solar water heater

Advantages of solar water heater

Low Cost of Energy

Perhaps, the greatest advantage with the use of a solar water heater is the ability to save on the cost of energy.

Many homes are struggling with high electricity bills, and they would like to manage such high bills. In particular, water heating can come with a high cost. Thus, the use of a solar water heating becomes an affordable way of meeting your energy bills.

Environmental Friendly Energy Solution

Consumers are becoming more conscious about the companies they do business with.

For instance, the modern consumer may shy away from doing business with a company that exploits labor in countries in Asia and Africa, and will prefer a country that promotes human rights in such countries.

But it is the environmental impact of a solar water heater that makes it appealing to the consumers. A solar water heater does not contribute to environmental degradation, like oil would do.

The use of solar energy is a renewable source of energy, comes from natural resources, and in addition to that, it does not leave behind carbon emissions.

This is a quality that is very appealing because many people are joining the crusade to save the planet and enhance environmental protection.

Low Cost of Maintenance

With a solar water heater, you need very low maintenance for your energy needs. This is because there are no moving parts in the solar water heater, and therefore, no possibility of wear and tear.

All one needs to do is cleaning. The warranty given is usually 20 to 25 years, but with the right maintenance, it has a longer life than that.


The modern solar water heaters do not consume a lot of space, unlike the traditional ones. As a matter of fact, today, one needs only one to three panels. Therefore, you do not need to cover the entire roof with water heater panels.

Efficiency and Performance

The use of solar water heaters comes with a high rate of efficiency. Researchers estimate that with their use, 80 % of its radiation can be turned to energy for heating.

Depending on the jurisdiction you are in, you could benefit from a federal tax credit or another type of an incentive.

Whereas many people think that the use of solar depends on weather, this is not necessarily the case. Modern technology ensures that a solar water heater can tap energy even during the winter.

Solar water heater is not only free, but also abundant. Moreover, cloudy weather is not a barrier to the use of solar water heaters.

Financing Option

Yoga Goswami, the director of the Clean Energy Center, at the USF, states that if one cannot afford solar solutions, there is financing available.

This is more so when you are dealing with residential solutions. The payment is re-couped over a period of time thereby giving you access to solar energy even without the capital required.

Disadvantages of a Solar Water Heater

High Cost of Installation

The cost of installation of the solar water heater does not come cheap. Sonja Tate, writing for Quora, states that the average cost of a solar water heater is $3,500.

When you add labor as well as associated cost, the total cost shoots up to as much as $5,500. Moreover, the use of the solar water heater requires proper plumbing, and the cost of plumbing, and in deed many handy jobs, is high.

Some people have to take a debt if they are to use the solar water heater. One should only think about saving in the long run but not the short term.

The Problem of Maintenance

Whereas maintenance of the solar water heater is low, it is still a challenge. As a matter of fact, professionals recommend an annual maintenance of the solar water heater system.

Domestic water may contain mineral, as calcium deposits keep on building up in the water system. In addition to that, there could be corrosion of the solar infrastructure as oxygen reacts with iron.

If there is significant corrosion, then the quality of the heater is going to decline, and may need replacement.


The question of space and the solar panels remains a critical issue. This is more so with the prices of homes shooting up.

Whereas modern panels do not require much space, they still will take some space. You will need a hot water cylinder and this will occupy space. Again, the installation of the solar water heater is going to require a strong roof.

Effect of Extreme Weather

Whereas solar energy is quite reliable despite varying weather conditions, cases of extreme weather translate to a decline in the effectiveness of solar power.

Again, the intensity of the light may vary from season to season, with the winter being a challenging time. For example, when it is foggy, the quality of the solar water heater declines.

The Importance of the Professionals

Professionals can advise you early in advance on how to manage the disadvantages that come with the installation of the solar water heater system.

For instance, rather than the use of iron in order to make solar water heater components, one can make use of other non-corrosive products such as bronze, stainless steel, plastic, and copper.


Whereas a solar water heater can be expensive to install, it is very cheap in the long run. If you make this decision in the affirmative, do not do this alone. Rather, seek the opinion of the professionals who are going to make you make an informed decision.