Bathroom Electrical Codes Requirements

Bathroom remodel

Bathroom electrical circuits National electrical code requires the following branch circuits to be added for new or remodeled bathroom, One 20 amps dedicated circuit for the bathroom outlet, you may connect an additional outlet within the same bathroom. However it can not be coNnected to other outlets outside the bathroom.(NEC 210.11(c)(3)).The 20 amps circuit can … Read more

Electrical Permit | Read before you apply for one

sub panel-electrical permit

Who can apply for electrical permit? If the scope of work limited only to electrical work, a licensed electrician or the homeowner can apply for the electrical permit. If the work involving any framing work in addition to electrical work a General building contractor can apply for the permit as well. The homeowner can apply … Read more

Electrical Panel Upgrade-National Electrical Code requirements

Panel upgrade-Multifamily units

A Licensed electrician or/and the homeowner are required to reach out to the utility company to spot the meter location, even if the existing meter seems perfect for you, the utility company has to come and approve the location first, depending on the location of the utility electrical pole. The service disconnecting means shall be … Read more