Who is the Deputy Inspector ”Special Inspector” ?

Deputy inspectors are third party inspectors required by the building codes’ regulation for certain type of construction works. However, deputy inspectors are not city employee but they must be authorized by the city official to conduct such specialty assessment.

Special inspections are concerned with all materials tests manufacturing, erection, monitoring or placing accessories, and ensuring all essential constructions’ structural integrity, as required in the plan of inspections.

The engineer mostly prepared the statement, which is considered an instruction for all Building’ integrity.

Who is a Deputy Inspector?

The Deputy and special inspectors are qualified persons who perform an on-the-job assessment to ensure safety by providing buildings built by approved codes and specifications.

He/she must submit his view and recommend writing to the other building official at regular intervals via an approved unique inspection form.

deputy inspection

Purpose of Special Inspection

They are saddled with duties to monitor the materials and quality essential to the Building’s integrity.

This consists of assessing all work done by contractors and their employees to ensure compliance with the approved plans, specifications, and law.

Again, regular inspections, town-building inspectors, site engineers, and architects as part of regular structural observations. The inspector shall always carry out a continuous assessment or as the construction requires its presence.

Special Inspector’s Responsibilities

Deputy Inspection also provides building quality control for complete design and refurbishment projects.

They believe that a close working relationship with customers and construction team members eliminates unnecessary problems arising from the lack of these factors and continuity in building inspections.

  • Deputy inspector must inform the Building & Safety Division 24 hours before the job arrives ( Waiver of all requirements are subject to the approval by the Building Official)
  • Deputy Inspector shall follow up the work assigned to him, ensuring that it meets the city’s approved plans. When work is underway, the approved plans are available. Unless approved by the Division of Building & Safety, the Special Inspector shall not accept any deviation from approved plans.
  • Shall always provide the Building and Safety Division, Architect or Engineer, and other designated persons with the timely approved report. All discrepancies are reported immediately.

Because of the above responsibilities, the deputy inspector shall as well:

  • Provide approved daily field reports; and,
  • Submit an approved final compliance report.
  • Acknowledgment of inspection agreement, the structural test, and the inspection schedule;
  • Observe all work in the approved plans as specified;
  • Identification of all non-conforming work separately and inform the engineer/architect and construction officer;

As well offers several tasks: from simple epoxy dowel/bolt installation to several story building. Some of the projects covered include:

  • Hospitals
  • Educational establishments
  • Projects of public works
  • Renovations of the park
  • Structures of parking
  • Industrial construction
  • Plants for water treatment
  • Business and residential facilities

Scheduled Inspection Notification

Special inspectors shall inform about the scheduled thorough inspection of the safe date and time. Shall give notice later than the last day before the inspection. The Special Inspector always provide the following:

  • Project registration number
  • Kind of work to be inspected
  • The date and time on the project site
  • The address of the project
  • Name and telephone number
  • It is also the Special Inspector’s responsibility to contact the City Building Inspector. on the morning of the planned special inspection.

Special Inspection Objectives

The main objective is to confirm that the construction can withstand severe loading conditions, such as earthquakes and wind loads.

The Building may or may not have these extreme load conditions, but building efficiency should be consistent with the design.

The special inspector shall ensure compliance with Building plans requirements and approved plans. And make sure all below items are focused:

  • More than 2500 PSI of reinforced concrete is used.
  • When the epoxy is used for any bars, anchor bolts, and holders, including for the installation of expansion anchors and unreinforced masonry, mechanical or carrying anchors;
  • Apply shear wall nail inspections when the nail is 4 cm or less on the center of the shear wall
  • Shotcrete placement, including reinforcement verification before the usage
  • Structured elements are for all shop and field welding processes and any high strong bolts
  • Masonry construction requires periodic or continuous inspection of steel reinforcement and mortar placement and testing

There is some confusion about who does what kind of job inspection. In essence, There are mainly three different types of building inspections are required for your job, they include:

• Deputy inspector

• Architectural inspector

• City inspector

To learn about how to become an ICC building inspector and to work for the government as a city or a county inspector CLICK HERE.

Special Inspector ICC Application And Examination

Courses Application

Deputy inspection courses are most digital plan tests; always between 25-30 hour instruction, it is still available for revisiting any time, with online and one-to-one coaching with an expert trainer.

We will load you with all the necessary information to pass and become an expert. Below is the examination course:

1. Pass the above three examinations in category 47

2. Bag ACI certification as an ACI field testing technician with the associated certification for superior concrete reinforced inspector

3. Complete the training/work experience requirements and apply for reinforced concrete special inspectors for the ACI certification.

• Masonry Structural General

• Bolting & Steel

• Structural soldering

• Pressured concrete

• Applied spray fireproofing

• Soils

Special Inspection Master (MSI)

The Master holder in Special Inspection (MSI) is designated for the person who passed the below exams:

• Structural Welding special inspector

• Structural Steel and Bolting special inspector

• Structural Masonry special inspector

• Special Reinforced Concrete Inspector

All prospective candidates must also meet the additional certification requirements of the Special Inspector for Reinforced Concrete.

Compliance with these designation criteria shows a commitment to the particular inspection program, specific skill, and leadership in the field.

Application for Examination

To begin your registration, follow bellow guides to start your registration:

Login to ICC: You have to log in to my ICC to buy an examination. But must avoid having a duplicate account.

You are obliged to make payment before scheduling your test; you can prepare if you take the UST/AST exam via CBT or PRONTO. But don’t worry; you’ll have one year to schedule your purchased examination or rearrange it without paying again for the analysis.

Means of Identification

It would be helpful to have your photo identification issued by the government ready to show the protocol (e.g., license for drivers, passport).

The identity must be:

• Contain the same legal first and last name, which matches your examination record

• it must not be expired till the time of the exam

• have a regular signature and don’t hold any other test material

Note: Most examinations are planned for Mondays. Some rules must comply before the test, and terms and conditions under these headings must be agreed on:

Candidate Agreement

As a prospective candidate, must agree to:

  • Provide original and comprehensive information and comply with all policies and regulations of the International Code Council.
  • Understand that failing that is a reason for refusing my application to test my certification.
  • Must not release confidential examinations to others
  • And must not engage in any fraudulent test practices.

Compliance in Practice

It is required to certify the certification requirements, including the ICC Code of Ethics, the criteria for renewal, are promptly notify by the ICC Certification Department. You must comply to:

  • Never make any alteration about certification that may be considered misleading or unauthorized.
  • No unauthorized use of the certificate, ID card, logos, and marks
  • Never make unnecessary claims as to the scope of the certification.
  • Never use your certification in any way that discredits the ICC.

Lateness to Examination

All prospective candidate must resume at the hall at least 30 minutes before the exam commences. Always remember, it is your responsibility to know the examination regulations and all council codes.

Suppose you arrive at your appointment more than 15 minutes late. You may be denied acceptance and will forfeit examination fees.

Type of Questions

All questions comprise of four-option, multiple-choice format, which one answer among the options is correct. Most examinations are open-ended.

Examination information provided during and after registration, including open or closed exams. Examinations are intended to test minimum competence on the subject. It is not enough to place information competence and time constraints are set to achieve this.

Reference materials are permitted and encouraged to complement a subject’s knowledge. We recommend familiarizing yourselves with all referential material to minimize the time required to search for correct answers.

Note: The examination time varies according to the subject time and place of examination; for instance:

  • Computer-based testing is often conducted at over 350 exam locations across the country and outside the United States. Once you have purchased the test, you can locate the test availability and places. Examinations are useful one year after purchase.
  • Procured Remote Online Testing (PRONTO) is available at any safe place such as your home or office 24/7, 365 days a year.

Examination Attempts

You can only attempt an exam within six months, and you will only have six test attempts. At every shot, you will be responsible for the payment of examination fee. After you have tried an examination six times, you have to wait six months for registration again.

Result and Additional Information

Results are always available immediately after examinations are taken online or at any test locations. In general, an inspector’s assessment 75 to pass the mark. Then you may generate a scaled score. This is a raw test score for units, comprised of questions answered wrongly and correctly.

Can My Examination Be Cancelled?

Yes!!! The Council reserves the sole right to hold any examination scores. And cancel any examination through:

  • Use of unauthorized test materials
  • Failure to adhere to the rules and regulation of the exams
  • Assistance or cheating during testing
  • Tentative of or removal from the testing center of examination material or questions.

Certificate Renewal

At every time your certificate expires, you can renew your certificate, and you could achieve this online. The certificate will be restored immediately. Only after your online renewal application is processed and approved.

Then you can check your new certification expiry date on your MyICC account. ICC Certification personnel review applications, and, all applications are auditable.

You may also complete and submit an additional fee to the Renewal Paper Request. Applications will be processed 4-6 weeks after your received application.

Deputy inspectors do not always apply to buildings that are not essential or have structural integrity. Therefore, special assessments do not apply to facilities outside the influence of building footprints or buildings that are not critical to the integrity of the particular Building.

A high standard construction needs to acquire a Deputy Inspector’s services with the correct certifications. Otherwise, the related work’s approval may not be approved by Building and Safety.